Webinar – Dementia Enablement Guide: A new post-diagnostic pathway

Denise CraigDAI A Meeting of The Minds March 2016 Webinar.

Guest speaker: Denise Craig

About Denise’s session:  It has always seemed obvious that we’re all in ‘the business of dementia’ together. We either have a diagnosis of dementia, care about someone who does; will one day be diagnosed or support someone who is; provide professional support for people with dementia, or any combination of the above.

Speaking to consumers and monitoring social media, it is clear that many people with dementia feel misunderstood and unsupported by some sectors of the health care system. Many report being denied GP referral to health professionals because the potential benefits are not well understood. GPs and other health professionals are sometimes unaware of the empowering lift that can result from specialised assistance to maintain function and quality of life.

When a man diagnosed with a frontotemporal dementia lost his job and experienced low mood, his GP told me ‘No one can help him, he has dementia’. If you have dementia you may choose not to accept external support, but I’d like to see you given the choice.

To address this, Queensland Health has supported a multidisciplinary clinician and consumer group to construct a post-diagnostic pathway tool which we’ve called a Dementia Enablement Guide. The guide seeks to encourage GPs to consider a multidisciplinary approach to post-diagnostic support. The tool is now being trialled at sites across Australia. This presentation will discuss the creation of the guide and highlight the concept of ‘pathways’ to onward referral to supportive health professionals.

About Denise:  Denise is the senior psychologist of the Cairns Memory Service, a member of the Queensland Clinical Senate, and the first non-physician co-Chair of the Queensland Statewide Dementia Clinical Network. Through these roles she encourages systemic improvements to dementia care. She has a postgraduate Diploma in Older Persons Mental Health and is a qualified Assessor and Trainer. Denise chaired the construction of a Younger Onset Dementia Diagnostic Pathways tool as well as the Dementia Enablement Guide. She is the proud recipient of a 2015 Dementia Training Study Centre Fellowship which, together with Qld Health, is supporting her efforts to promote enablement philosophy amongst health professionals. Having cared for her mother who experienced Dementia, she now provides counselling, advice and advocacy with a focus on enablement and living post-diagnostic life to the fullest. She created and administers a support group for people with Young Onset Dementia on Facebook and she says her goal is to help empower and motivate individuals to maximise their quality of life.


DATE: Wednesday, March 23, 2016 (USA/UK/CA), and Thursday, March 24, 2016 (Australia/NZ/Japan/Indonesia)

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